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New River Canyon - ZOA - New River Canyon : 2007-10-13

The weather is finally turning nice so we (Rob and Mark) decided it was time to get out and do some wheel'n. Luckily the folks in the Zuk's of Arizona (ZOA) were holding their monthly run so we decided to join in.

Being the only Jeep there was interesting, had to put up with a couple of jokes, but overall, the Zuk guys are much nicer than the Jeep guys to the Suzuki owners. If you ever get a chance to do a run with the ZOA, I highly recommend it. Everyone is very nice and always willing to lend a hand if you need it.

The New River Canyon trail is really following FR41, which is more of a rough road than a trail. Even still, it was nice to get out and see some desert without bursting into flames. We ended up taking a detour about half way through where we actually had to go into 4 wheel drive, but it's not a required part of the trail. One ZOA guy checked out his GPS and it said we made it as high as 4300 feet. The trail kept going, but as we left the less capable vehicles back at the detour, we decided that for today, the mesa with a great view was as far as would get today. Overall, anyone with a truck should be able to follow the road, and even a car that you don't mind scraping here and there could probably make it.

We did take some damage this trip, including the Jeep being towed home AGAIN by a Zuk. Rob and I decided to play Speed Racer on the way out and were going about as fast as we could without actually dieing. As you can see from the picture, the shock hoop was ripped off the frame and the shock broken off at the bottom. While the weld held, the metal didn't and somewhere out there on FR41 is a shock hoop with most of a shock attached. On the way out on Pima road going south, the Jeep started running really badly cutting out about 3,000 rpms and cutting out if you gave it much gas. After about 4 miles of this, we just hooked the Jeep to the Zuk and Rob pulled me down the 101. You will be surprised to know that a Zuk can pull a Jeep about 50 miles an hour on the highway. It sounds like it's going to explode the whole way, but it can do it!

Note: Some of the picture were 'borrowed' from the ZOA, hope they don't mind...or don't find out, whichever is best.

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