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Turbo Chevelle - Turbo in the Chevelle : 2009-05-16

Rob talked me (Mark) into putting a very large turbo into my Chevelle. Beats filling nitrous tanks and the end result should be awesome. Not unlike most projects we do, everything is custom work and we made up most of the routing as we go. Take a look at the pictures and hope you enjoy the smoke show.

The turbo is a S400, damn this thing is big. More to come...

03-22-2009 - Started the project. Heads came off to put the thicker head gaskets on.

05-02-2009 - Driver side header rerouted around the steering, the only customization besides removing the flanges to put v-bands on the headers. Down pipe started including a last minute decision to pipe both sides to the middle and make a merge pipe right in front of the engine. It's close, but there's enough space with the electric fans.

05-16-2009 - Down pipe routed to the passenger side under the framerail. Top end put back on and in a last minute decision, we took out the wheel well.

05-24-2009 - In typical fashion, everything is custom including the bracket we created to hold the turbo coming right off the front of the engine. It was created with a card board cut out and then taken to Action Speed and Machine (480) 545-9665 who cut the piece out of 3/8" steel. Check it out, you know it's cool.

05-24-2009 - Got the bracket back and put it in. No more holding the turbo up with a pole and ratchet strap.

05-28-2009 - Built the exhaust by-pass. Yeah, that's 2 1/2 inch just for the by-pass.

05-30-2009 - Finished up the by-pass. That crazy rope thing is actually a toilet brush end with a hole drilled through it for the rope to pull through all of the exhast tube to ensure it's clean before firing it up and prevent pushing poo through the turbe.

06-06-2009 - It's ALIVE! Finished the cold side, got everything together including changing fluids, Pete came over to help with the carb and we got it started!

06-29-2009 - Sent off the hot side to Jet-Hot for the 1,700 degree coating before I left on vacation and they did a kick *ss job. I love the irony of bringing home turbo parts in a Hybrid and the fact that my wife is out of town and I can put exhaust parts all over the living room floor without anyone complaining.

Shamless plug - Many of my parts have come from Lopers Performance here in Phoenix. They are a GREAT local company that sells speed parts at a resonable price and the have a ton of knowledge for when you get stuck working on your junk. Buy stuff from them (ask for Pete)!

First start with the Turbo


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